Terms & Conditions

The YourStationeryHouse.com products are exclusive and of high quality. We appreciate a good relationship with our customers. That's why we like to make our terms simple and clear.

YourStationeryHouse.com reserves the right to change the nature of this relationship at any time and to revise these T&C from time to time without any notice/prior information.

 Article 1. Agreement

When shopping on the yourStationeryhouse.com website you can order items from our collection.  All data that we need to verify and process your order will have to be filled in completely and truthfully. You may return goods after receipt of your order for a period of seven working days, without giving a reason to return the ordered items.

Article 2. Prices

You pay the price stated at the time of purchase on the website or you can pay after delivery. All prices are Excluding GST and shipping. 

Article 3. Payment

You can choose from the payment methods offered on the website during the ordering process. YourStationeryHouse.com strives to deliver orders within 7 business days after receipt of payment or order placed from the website. For deliveries outside The Pune longer delivery, times need to be anticipated.  The deadline is 7 days after placing the order. If it is not possible to deliver an order within 7 days, you will be informed about it by e-mail or call to support team and you have the right to cancel your order free of charge. The amount paid by you will be refunded within 7 working days to your account.

Article 4. Delivery

Freight charges extra at actual if more than 5KM from GODOWN, You can choose the way your order will be sent by us. For this, you should choose from the shipping methods offered during the order process on the website. The shipment of your order is in the hands of a reputable shipping company and takes place under the full responsibility of the shipping company. For damage, loss, or other problems during the shipping YourStationeryHouse.com is liable.

Article 5. Modification Agreement

If the other party cancels an order in whole or in part, the order and related purchased items plus the potential delivery costs and the reserved time for the execution of the agreement will be charged to the other party.

An order will not be shipped by us if it cannot be shipped complete unless explicitly agreed otherwise.  If delivery is delayed by (temporarily) out of stock or delayed for other reasons, or if an order is not or only partially executed, the other party will be notified no later than 7 business days after placing the order. The Party has in this case the right to cancel the order without charge. YourStationeryHouse.com will issue a refund in that case.

Article 6. Returns and Exchanges

Exchange or return to YourStationeryHouse.com is no problem. You must hold itself above the following rules:

  • Only items that are bought at YourStationeryHouse.com can be exchanged.
  • Before returning items, please contact us about it by e-mail. To request, a return send an e-mail with return request with invoice number to  Support@YourStationeryHouse.com
  • Please do not return goods as long as you have not received confirmation. Returns without confirmation YourStationeryHouse.com will not be accepted.
  • You can return for 7 days after receipt of your order without giving a reason. The period of seven working days is determined by YourStationeryHouse.com by comparison of the date you applied for a return request with the expected delivery date of the order.
  • You must, upon receipt of a return confirmation, return the items within 7 days in the undamaged original packaging.
  • The cost and risk of the return shipment are at your expense.
  • Items can be exchanged only for another item from the store. In case of exchange YourStationeryHouse.com will, one time only, take the cost of resending the exchanged article on its behalf.
  • In case of returning items, you will receive the amount paid by you of these items, excluding shipping costs, within 30 days of receiving the returned order on your behalf.

Article 7. Guarantee

All products delivered by YourStationeryHouse.com are of high quality and meet all the standards and requirements that, under normal use, can be set. The YourStationeryHouse.com delivered goods are free from defects of any kind. This guarantee is valid for up to four weeks after the delivery of the article.

Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a detailed packing list, which also serves as proof.

If it appears that an article provided by YourStationeryHouse.com does not meet the guarantee given, YourStationeryHouse.com will provide a solution within a reasonable time. You can return the items, stating that you make a warranty claim and a description of the defect, return the article in accordance with the rules described under "Returns & Exchanges". If the return is not reasonably possible, then you should inform YourStationeryHouse.com in writing. After returning and assessment of warranty claims by YourStationeryHouse.com, the article is at the discretion of YourStationeryHouse.com either repaired or replaced or refunded.

The guarantee does not apply if a defect is caused by improper or inappropriate use, or if you or third parties have made changes to the item (or attempted to do so), or when the item is used for purposes for which it was not intended.

If a by YourStationeryHouse.com delivered item does not match the agreement and if this defect in the sense of the product liability regime is considered, then YourStationeryHouse.com is not liable for any consequential damages resulting therefrom.

When the producer of a defective product is liable for consequential damage, the liability of YourStationeryHouse.com is limited to repair, replacement, or refund of the delivered product.

Notwithstanding the foregoing warranty, YourStationeryHouse.com is not liable if the defect is due to intent, gross negligence, culpable act, improper use, or improper use on your side.

In this warranty stated limitations of liability for direct damages are not valid if the defect is a result of intent or gross negligence on the part of YourStationeryHouse.com, its employees, or under the responsibility of operating a third party (if this responsibility is not expressly excluded).

Article 8. Privacy

Without your permission, YourStationeryHouse.com will not provide your details to third parties, subject to the aforementioned. If you no longer wish to be involved in marketing actions YourStationeryHouse.com, including newsletters and offers, please send a request by email to Info@YourStationeryHouse.com.

Article 9. Complaints

If you have any complaints about our products or our service, or if you are otherwise unsatisfied with certain things, you can contact us via Support@YourStationeryHouse.com if your complaint concerns a specific order please include the invoice number and the specific complaint.

Article 10 GOVERNING Law.

The Agreement between parties is governed by the laws of the INDIA and the state of Maharashtra, without reference to rules governing the choice of laws. If any dispute arises concerning this Agreement, shall be laid exclusively in the state and federal courts of, PUNE which shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute and the Parties consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts. If legal action or another proceeding of any nature whatsoever is brought in connection with any dispute arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the non-prevailing party all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the prevailing Party in connection
with such a dispute.

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